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About Cityhangaround

Cityhangaround is an online marketing platform for local businesses.

Cityhangaround.com is part of HBD Marketing Solutions LLP, We provide online listing, business promotion tools, and help in lead generation. This gives our customers a better return on their investment, with advantages of the low cost of participation and specific targeting. Businesses that work with us enjoy the benefits of better visibility, enhanced branding, and Improved Sales.

Cityhangaround helps small, midsize, and large businesses across all segments and has custom solutions for merchants, retailers, shopkeepers, travel agents, business owners, local service providers, food and drink outlets, accommodation providers, entertainment sector, and others.

Cityhangaround is a preferred platform for food connoisseurs, shoppers, travelers and tourists, local consumers, entertainment lovers, event enthusiasts, and people who love to explore and enjoy life.

We are an experienced team of professionals from the fields of Marketing, Digital Promotion, Technology, and Retail expertise. Our team has decades of customer interaction experience and we have built our platform with these enriched consumer and business insights.

How is Cityhangaround a unique solution?

  • Free microsite with product, services, deals
  • Blogs
  • Local visibility
  • Local leads
  • Local review's
  • Low-cost campaigns
  • Location, gender, age, interest-based targeting

How local businesses can get connected?

  1. Register your listing
  2. Add deals, products, offers
  3. Add blogs and videos
  4. Reply to customers questions
  5. Reply to customers inquiry

Vision and mission

Organize City Guide information and Help Local Customers and Local Businesses to connect with each other.